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South Asia and new American policy

Latif Butt
The policy which was awaited from last six months, eventually, it had been declared by American president Donald trump on the end of august. In this policy there are vivid targets are determined ,which would be tried to achieved by pentagon an American foreign department.by giving statement regarding policy about Pakistan American president trump said, “in the past Pakistan had been our ally and our armies fought with a mutual enemy. Pakistan sacrifices many lives in war against terrorism and endure a great deal of menace for this cause, we cannot forget these sacrifices “besides this president trump has warn Pakistan strictly and said, “That REGARDING Afghanistan Pakistan has to change its attitude.”
In reaction to president’s statement chief of army staff general Qammar javid bajwa said, “Pakistan does not want aid but it wants trust upon it and wants and whole world that they admit Pakistan’s efforts for eliminating of terrorism. “American president spoke comprehensively about the role of Pakistan and Afghanistan in his speech. Before his speech many analysts were forecasting that American president would talk about the incresement of American forces in Afghanistan. But American president did not talk about it but trump said, “America’s main focus is to cope with terrorist and to destroy their hideouts. This thing must be kept in mind that since 2014 America had declared to end its direct army involvement in Afghanistan, but 8400 soldiers are there to help afghan soldiers and to maintain law and order.
At this time American’s armies taking directly part in war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The triumph in the mussel is a good augury for American’s armies but Afghanistan situation is very messy and disappointing. The half of the Afghanistan is under control of Taliban and other half is under control of afghan government. Terrorists attacks are increasing day by day in Afghanistan and the Taliban has swifter their activities.inspite of training from American forces afghan forces are unable to control terrorists activites.billions dollars are spent on these forces but all in vain. Neither afghan forces seem to control neither terrorism nor civil administration successful in this regard.
Ashraf ghanni is accusing Pakistan for their abortiveness. Pakistan time and again rejected these false accusations. Pakistan is trying to persuade Afghanistan that its land is not used ever for any kind of terrorist’s attacks. Pakistan also said that peaceful Afghanistan is better for the Pakistan as well as for the region. For the first ten year of encroachment of Afghanistan Kabul Islamabad and Washington were triangle of turmoil, but now India, china, Russia and Iran are also interested in this matter. All these powers have their own inters and stakes regarding afghan issue. This is the reason that every month a conference is held in these countries to resolve this issue. All these efforts are in vain till yet but soon a possible solution will be finding. That is the reasons that trump said that they would not withdraw their forces until complete success.
This thing be kept in mind that withdraw plan of American’s forces was coined in former president Barack Obama reign. Not only soldier’s toll was increased in this era but also mussel was also invaded. The demand for “do more” was also done in his reign .and now this demand is part and parcel of American policy. A particular incident of Abbottabad operation by American forces was also in his reign and this stain was labeled on Pakistan due to it was located in Pakistan’s territory and this was the time when Pakistan lost its credibility in international community. These stains are indelible and it will take time to wash them and to retrieve Pakistan honour.opration zarb e azab and national action plan has washed out many of these stains but need to do more in this regard. Drown attacks were also initiated in his reign.
In new policy of trump, he said “America cannot remain silent on hideouts of the terrorists in Pakistan. “He said that more than 40 organizations are working in Pakistan and in afhanistan.its time to nip in the bud these terrorists. Billions dollars have been given to Pakistan to cope with terrorists and Taliban but we cannot see that the same Pakistan is giving safe heavens to terrorists.aftre this speech Pakistan foreign minister meet with American ambassador David heel and tell his that Pakistan never ever have any kind of save heavens for terrorists and has sacrifices 70000 lives for this cause Pakistan is also victim of terrorism how we can give shelter to those who kill us. China also support Pakistan stance and ratify this thing and said that America and international community must accept Pakistan efforts to eliminate terrorism.
Whenever America said “DO MORE “it indicates about Haqqani network.in recent summit of china and Russia also said that Pakistan must to do something regarding haqqani network. This is vivid thing that the entire world is on one page regarding haqqani network existences in Pakistan.khawaja asif also said that if we want to clear the world about our self we will have to do something about haqqani network although haqqani network is not in Pakistan he is in Afghanistan. Pakistan must clear its image and make sure there are no safe heavens in Pakistan for Taliban and haqqani network.

The writer is a lawyer at high court and student of MSc. Development journalism in p.u.
Facebook latifbutt44@yahoo.com. Twitter. @latifbutt

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